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The mess that two Brooklyn brothers make of their house in this documentary is unholy in several senses of the term.
Dome Karukoski’s biopic about the Finnish illustrator takes his life and reduces it to check marks on a list.
The disability-rights pioneer Robin Cavendish is given an upbeat biopic in “Breathe,” starring Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy.
A mean coed relives her own murder multiple times in this snappy horror-comedy.
This documentary follows a Buddhist priest who counsels those who are in danger of committing suicide.
The drama, directed by Davy Chou, is set in Cambodia and follows a group of young men as they work during the day and search for love at night.
Tehran, Oct 12, IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi in message commemorated October 12 as Day of Hafez, the poet, and wrote that Hafez language is a global language.
Sally Potter’s latest film, about a disastrous gathering of friends, shows what the director calls “a microcosm of a whole nation in a great political crisis.”
Sally Potter’s latest film, about a disastrous gathering of friends, shows what the director calls “a microcosm of a whole nation in a great political crisis.”
Best villains? Cliffhangers? Social relevance? Clothes? Two Times journalists square off over Ewing Oil, Denver Carrington, and the characters that inspired two recent reboots.
Azerbaijani singer Jeyhun Bakinski will be a honored guest of Bollywood Night.
A movie by Azerbaijani filmmakers "Pomegranate Orchard" will be demonstrated at the Heartland Film Festival.
Their business model harkens to the 1700s, but the fight for buyers has moved to the internet and to Asia.
Goya, Rembrandt and van Gogh (for starters) lead the Thaw collection, which shows how drawing invented reality.
The star of “Full Frontal” didn’t appreciate what she called Mr. Weinstein’s public “apology-like statement.”
As more accusations pile up against Harvey Weinstein, a growing number of celebrities have issued statements about the tarnished movie mogul's alleged sexual misconduct.
International Mugham Center hosted a creative evening of the famous composer, honored art worker Mobil Babayev on October 10.
A new talk show host arrives on BET with a fresh perspective. And two shows with rabid fan bases return to the CW.
Can “Mr. Robot” get out of its own head and recapture the fun that made its first season so intoxicating? Wednesday’s premiere suggests that it has.
The creator of the USA techno-thriller discusses the new season, which began on Wednesday.
SERIES Superstore Amy’s (America Ferrera) daughter gets a part-time job at Cloud 9, raising issues about boundaries between being a parent and a co-worker. Ben Feldman also stars in this new epi
Shiraz, Oct 12, IRNA – Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi said on Wednesday that well-known Iranian mystic poet Hafez has been respected among Iranians and his audience as a soci
As the company seeks to distance itself from Harvey Weinstein, there are conflicting accounts about what it knew and how it responded.
As the company seeks to distance itself from Harvey Weinstein, there are conflicting accounts about what it knew and how it responded.
The American Jewish Historical Society is facing charges of censorship after it canceled a play and a panel that had been targeted by right-wing activists
A special production of the 1960s rock musical Hair – tweaked for the age of U.S. President Donald Trump – premieres in London this week to mark the groundbreaking show’s 50th anniversary.
By the time you get about 30 minutes into Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman’s Loving Vincent, you may notice a creeping sense of deja vu.
The family of S.I. Newhouse Jr. has chosen Tobias Meyer to help determine how to handle Mr. Newhouse’s formidable trove of art.
Labour Party members in Britain also called for an honorary title to be revoked as anger over the scandal spread across Europe.
The director Angela Robinson explains how a psychologist with a three-way relationship and an interest in bondage and sadomasochism came to invent the superhero.
As the grim scope of Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual abuse has continued to expand — with Cara Delevingne and Léa Seydoux among the latest to co
Collectors agreed to lift their objection to the return of an ancient marble sculpture of a bull’s head after seeing evidence that it had been stolen
'It surprises me how snarky it's gotten,' Pink says of the pop world in a wide-ranging talk at her home. Her new album, 'Beautiful Trauma,' puts her powerful voice first.
Ask Robin Thede if she’s nervous about her upcoming plunge into one of TV’s most competitive arenas, and you’re likely to see her tremble — with excitement. A colorful comic, who has score
Family. Love it or leave it, or both. No group is closer, yet no group drives people crazier, causing them to feel like complete outsiders. It both hurts and makes it possible for us to heal. Funn
Indigenous musician and songwriter Robbie Robertson explains how his past still inspires his music and why he walked away from one of the most celebr
“Rocktopia,” created by the Broadway actor and Trans-Siberian Orchestra member Rob Evan, will mix classical and rock songs at the Broadway Theater.
The Eagles’ “Hotel California” will be reissued in a deluxe 40th anniversary edition on Nov. 24, pairing the remastered original studio album with 10 live tracks recorded at the Forum in Ing
The Heartbreakers knew. When Tom Petty’s band gathered backstage a couple of hours before the grand finale of its sold-out, three-night homecoming stand at the venerated Hollywood Bowl last mont
Mark Morris’s new dance for Mr. Hallberg, “Twelve of ’em,” set to Benjamin Britten’s Twelve Variations for Piano, which will have its premiere at Fall for Dance.
On his new solo album, “Carry Fire,” the onetime Led Zeppelin frontman explores “grooves and moods,” from the blues to North African rhythms.
Tehran, Oct 11, IRNA - The discovery of stone tools known as the Mousterian Zagros reveals the spread of extinct human beings from the Neanderthal up to the Islamabad Gharb plain in Kermanshah Provin
Ten years after her debut, Annie Clark teams up with the hitmaker Jack Antonoff for an album that paints pop as deep, dark and filled with paradoxes.
From a transgender teddy bear to a fearless girl pirate, children's authors are tackling gender norms like never before, as debate rages about what it means to be a boy or girl.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie added their first-person accounts of uncomfortable experiences with Weinstein to the ever-growing list of accusati
Collections of Dutch and Flemish art, and a new center for art from the Netherlands, are coming to Boston.
Ronan Farrow is at odds with NBC News over why the network did not break his explosive investigation on alleged sexual assault and harassment by disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein that ran in
As accusations rain on a kingpin of his industry, the actor known for his American hero roles begins a tour for his wide-eyed book of short stories.
The actor is convinced that typewriters are making a comeback.
Tehran, Oct 11, IRNA – Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID) received the award of the 23rd ICID Congress and the 68th IEC Meeting.
These three books deal with the issue of sexual misconduct in the office.
Leslie Abramson knows that whoever controls the narrative of this budding reality show controls the outcome.
It is a small work, rather mystical: a faceless human figure, his head surrounded by an aura, appears to rise off of a couch. Whether it’s to simply stand up, or an otherworldly act of levitatio
For centuries, Azerbaijan has shown the possibility of peaceful coexistence among diverse ethnic and faith groups.
Eminem has unleashed a ferocious lyrical tirade against U.S. President Donald Trump, saying he 'came to stomp.' The rapper took aim at Trump in a 4 1
Jonas Kaufmann and Sonya Yoncheva shine in a cinema-influenced staging that updates the opera, seemingly to the 1940s or ’50s.
Pullman Hotels and Resorts will host Kids Fashion Show on October 5, organized by Star Kids Group MMC.
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