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State laws aimed at curbing an alarming rise in concussions among student athletes appear to be working.
For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, losing their hair can be an extremely difficult.
THE WOODLANDS, Texas (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will respond to permit requests within six months by the end of 2018, part of the agency's goal to reduce regulations and dela
Pollution has been linked to nine million deaths each year worldwide, according to a report in The Lancet.
Dyslexia in some people may be linked to round spots in both eyes, that indicate neither eye is dominant, according to a new study from the University of Rennes in France.
New research by Johns Hopkins shows oral infection with cancer-causing HPV was rare among women regardless of how many oral sex partners they had. For men, the risk is far higher.
EDMONTON - Canada's health ministers are looking at ways of working together, including an electronic prescription database, to fight the growing crisis in opioid addictions. "(It's about) ensuring t
LONDON (Reuters) - Pollution is killing millions of people worldwide, mostly through the diseases it causes including heart conditions, strokes and lung cancer, according to a large international stud
Dyslexia in some people may be linked to round spots in both eyes, that indicate neither eye is dominant, according to a new study from the University of Rennes in France.
Air pollution accounted for 6.5 million deaths on its own, a report published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet found. Icahn School of Medicine in New York scientists made the findings.
EDMONTON - Canada's health ministers are looking at ways of working together, including an electronic prescription database, to fight the growing crisis in opioid addictions. Alberta Health Minister
(Reuters) - Celgene Corp said it would abandon testing a drug to treat Crohn's disease, in a major setback to the U.S. biotechnology company's pipeline amid attempts to lower dependence on its mainsta
Although most human papillomavirus prevention efforts are targeted toward adolescents, a new study found the HPV vaccine is safe for adult women.
New NASA research is helping to refine our understanding of candidate planets beyond our solar system that might support life.
It can be difficult to switch off at the end of a stressful day. For our self-soothing special, Louise Chunn, founder of, suggests 10 things to do if you can’t relax after work.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Thursday geared up to vote on an amendment that would block drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, with opponents of the measure saying development
They are two young men accustomed to living in the public eye, both of them funny, quick-witted and seemingly fearless. OnThursday, Andrew Phung and Graham Mosimann are once again in fine fearless for
TORONTO - Gord Downie's openness about his diagnosis with terminal brain cancer will leave a lasting legacy that makes him "a Terry Fox in the modern day," says a radiation ......
You don't just need to sleep to have good health, you need to dream, according to a sleep and dream specialist from the University of Arizona. REM sleep improves physical and emotional health.
(Reuters) - California Department of Insurance on Thursday said preliminary insurance data estimated the California wildfires losses at $1.05 billion, adding that the numbers are expected to rise.
(Reuters) - Celgene Corp said it would abandon testing a drug to treat Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, following a risk-benefit analysis by a data monitoring committee, in a major setb
Americans should be concerned about how health and wellness apps collect, save and share their personal health data, a medical media expert says.
Environmental disturbances such as El Niño shake up the marine food web off Southern California, new research shows, countering conventional thinking that the hierarchy of who-eats-who in the ocean r
Preventive health screenings are conducted at the same or better rates in people with mental illness as they are in healthy individuals, researchers say.
A bipartisan proposal to calm churning health insurance markets is gaining momentum
(Reuters) - Celgene Corp said on Thursday it would stop two studies of its drug for an inflammatory bowel disease and would not begin a third, following a recommendation by a data monitoring committee
(Reuters Health) - Americans have grown to appreciate beauty across more skin types and ages during the past three decades, if People magazine is any indication, a new study suggests.
An estimated 3 million adult American handgun owners carry a firearm loaded and on their person on a daily basis, and 9 million do so on a monthly basis, new research indicates. The vast majority cite
A biologist examines the benefits and drawbacks of virtual and augmented reality in teaching environmental science.
Flu viruses contain defective genetic material that may activate the immune system in infected patients, and new research published in PLOS Pathogens suggests that lower levels of these molecules coul
About 23 percent of US black women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004-2013 had either no health insurance or had Medicaid coverage, versus 8 percent of white breast cancer patients.
A new study suggests that casual observers may think patients who undergo "nose jobs" are more attractive, more successful and healthier.
Lying down after an epidural increases a first-time mother's chances of having a normal birth, a new study suggests.
(Reuters Health) - Older women on a so-called Paleolithic diet – which tries to mimic the diet of cavemen living in the stone age - may be more likely to develop iodine deficiency than their counter
LONDON (Reuters) - The World Health Organization's cancer agency dismissed and edited findings from a draft of its review of the weedkiller glyphosate that were at odds with its final conclusion that
This was a case of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, which is most common in postmenopausal women
Lucas McCulley, 22, from Idaho, survived the surgery he raised funds for to have the tumor on his face removed. The operation marked the 25th time he went under the knife to treat the tumor.
Women are paying upwards of $400 to have their placentas rinsed, dried and ground into powdered capsules — but there are no benefits and potential risks
Lucas McCulley, 22, from Idaho, survived the surgery he raised funds for to have the tumor on his face removed. The operation marked the 25th time he went under the knife to treat the tumor.
The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved a second gene therapy for a blood cancer, a one-time, custom-made treatment for aggressive lymphomas.
Fruit flies have surprising similarities to humans. The mysteries of a broad range of human conditions can be studied in detail in these organisms, however this often requires the use of expensive cus
Researchers who've analyzed the complete mitochondrial genomes from ancient samples representing two species of saber-toothed cats have a new take on the animals' history over the last 50,000 years. T
(Reuters Health) - Patients may have better survival odds with female surgeons than with male surgeons, a recent Canadian study suggests.
Laboratory mice that are given the gut bacteria of wild mice can survive a deadly flu virus infection and fight colorectal cancer dramatically better than laboratory mice with their own gut bacteria,
A British enthusiasm for feeding birds may have caused UK great tits to have evolved longer beaks than their European counterparts, according to new research. The findings identify for the first time
In 2013, an influenza virus began circulating among poultry in China. It caused several waves of human infection and as of late July 2017, nearly 1,600 people had tested positive for avian H7N9. Nearl
The Michigan House approved a plan to allow patients and caregivers to drive with medical marijuana in a vehicle             
A metallic probe invented at Rice University that lights up when it binds to a misfolded amyloid beta peptide has identified a binding site that could facilitate better drugs to treat Alzheimer's dise
New research shows how a protein is consumed, then reconstituted, during the production of a compound required for converting energy from food into a form that can be used by our cells. The results co
One way or another, many psychiatric drugs work by binding to receptor molecules in the brain that are sensitive to the neurotransmitter dopamine, a chemical signal that is central to how our experien
Living near an abundance of trees makes adults less stressed by strengthening an area of the brain that controls emotional processing, University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf experts found.
Professor Kelly Tenzek, of the University at Buffalo, analyzed 57 Disney movies based on psychology criteria to see whether they aptly tapped into end-of-life questions. She found that they did.
Scientists have provided new insights into the role of PTEN, a major cancer gene, in controlling cell growth and behavior. PTEN is the second most commonly altered gene in human cancers, particularly
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Insurers could pay $275 million to cover the insured portion of drugmaker Merck & Co's loss from a cyber attack in June, according to a forecast by Verisk Analytics Inc's Property
Poland's government has announced plans to significantly increase spending on health care as a hunger protest by young doctors demanding more funds for the sector entered a third week
Backyard chicken trend leads to spike in poultry-related diseases
Guidelines state 5-8 year-olds should have 5 glasses of water a day but most have under 2. And 32% go through entire school day having just one glass of water, survey shows.
Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is criticizing Donald Trump's response to a bipartisan health deal in the Senate, saying it's best for the president to take a consistent position, 'and let's
Machete attack victim Ninsiima is given prosthetic arms made by Salford University students.
Joanie Simpson, 62, of Texas, lost her Yorkshire terrier in May 2016. The devastation she experienced as a result nearly killed her. Pictured is a scan of Simpson's broken heart.
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