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Swabs of vaginal bacteria, which some say helps the immune system, may be doing more harm than good.
A US study found men who take high doses of vitamins B6 or B12 over a long period were much more likely to develop the disease.
QUEBEC - Canada's opioid epidemic isn't a single crisis but a complex set of overlapping crises that will take multiple strategies to solve, a panel of experts told the annual ......
AP-NORC poll: Few older Hispanics are confident that nursing homes and assisted living facilities can meet their needs.
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong braced for severe tropical storm Hato on Wednesday with hundreds of flights and other transport services canceled, and schools and most businesses in the financial hub
US researchers analyzed data from an Australian study of more than 3,400 children whose mothers answered surveys when the children were nine months old and again when they were two.
Experts warn the study by the University of Bristol underlines how rising obesity rates among teenagers could have devastating implications for the digestive health of future generations.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A massive California verdict in a lawsuit alleging Johnson & Johnson's talc-based products cause cancer has opened a new front in the litigation, upending the company's hopes tha
(Reuters Health) - People who decide to tackle their cancer using only unconventional methods are likely to die sooner than patients who opt for conventional treatments, according to a new study.
HOUSTON (Reuters) - Oil and gas producers from Mexico to Louisiana are gearing up for heavy rains and winds this week as remnants of a tropical storm circulating over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula threat
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - - Inconsistent childcare arrangements can affect toddlers’ sleep at night, a new study suggests.
CORNWALL, Ont. - After almost four minutes, Cornwall Coun. Bernadette Clement was done asking what she said must have been 20 questions. "Let's see what you got," she said, drawing ......
A recent survey conducted by the American Gastroenterological Association shows that 16 percent of Americans and one third of people over 60 experience chronic constipation.
TORONTO - A Toronto psychiatrist has lost his licence to practise after becoming romantically involved with a former patient less than a month after their professional relationship ended. The College
(Reuters Health) - Voters in counties where life expectancy has stagnated and declined in recent years were more likely to abandon the Democratic Party to help elect U.S. President Donald Trump, a new
Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers wives worked out with a Marine fitness instructor to promote Marines Week Detroit             
Coldplay singer Chris Martin surprised a fan, Heidi Hernandez - who is in desperate need of a liver transplant - on Saturday. Hernandez said Coldplay's music kept her from being depressed.
More kids and teens are likely to be diagnosed and treated for high blood pressure with of new guidelines released Monday by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Experts from Iowa State University started musical therapy classes for people with Parkinson's disease. Singing helped improve ability to swallow, which is a leading cause of death for people with t
The state is seeking interested Michiganians to take part in medical marijuana rule work groups             
Teens with close friendships experienced mental benefits short and long term.
Millions across America watched the total or partial solar eclipse on Monday, but not everyone heeded eye-safety advice.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Regulators approving new gas pipelines must try to analyze their potential to increase greenhouse gas emissions before giving them the go-ahead, an appeals court ruled on Tuesday,
(Reuters) - Energy Transfer Partners LP on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace and other environmental groups, accusing them of launching an "eco-terrorism" campaign aimed at blocking the Dako
(Reuters) - A system associated with the remnants of former tropical storm Harvey, located over the Yucatan Peninsula, has a 90 percent chance of developing into a cyclone over the next two days, the
DUBAI (Reuters) - Kuwait's state oil company said on Tuesday that an oil spill off the country's coast had been contained and that it was in contact with oil companies operating in the Gulf region to
(Reuters Health) - People who’d like to reduce their daily calories without restrictive dieting should consider taking their coffee with little or no sugar - and savoring the beverage might help in
People with disabilities _ some in wheelchairs, others with crutches _ have protested outside Romania's labor ministry against a measure they say could leave them jobless
If you're not one of the popular kids with dozens of "besties," take solace -- new research suggests having close friendships is better for your adult mental health.
HOUSTON (Reuters) - Monday's solar eclipse had no major impact on electricity demand in affected areas of the United States, according to grid operators and utilities, many of which had lined up alter
Reuters Health - In two-physician couples, women with kids work fewer hours than women without children, a recent U.S. study suggests.
The researchers in Washington, D.C., said parents should forget garbling at their newborns in baby speak. Instead, walk them around the supermarket describing the colors of the food.
WINDHOEK (Reuters) - China is considering reviewing a beef import agreement with Namibia, the country's ambassador to Namibia Zhang Yiming said on Tuesday, raising the possibility that restrictions co
As prescription drug spending continues to rise in the United States, along with prices for new and well-established drugs, insurers, employers and patients are searching for ways to cut costs. A new
In a study that may guide drug design, researchers find organelles encounter varying levels of resistance, depending on their size and speed, as they move through a cell's cytoplasm.
(Reuters) - Specialty pharmacy firm US Bioservices Corp has agreed to pay $13.4 million to settle U.S. government claims that it pushed patients to refill prescriptions of Novartis AG's iron overload
After an opioid overdose, many Medicaid patients continue to receive prescriptions for the same type of drugs that nearly killed them, researchers say.
Jemma Haig and Murray McKirdy, from East Lothian, were told that not all their babies could survive. The conjoined twins were joined at the chest and shared a heart and respiratory system.
The actress had both breasts removed in 2013 after testing for the faulty BRCA1 gene which was said to boost public awareness. But a new Californian study suggests the message has failed.
Researchers have developed a high-throughput technique that can determine if a chemical has the potential to activate key genes in seconds rather than the typical 24 hours or more. The technique can b
Caterpillars have far less bacteria and fungi inhabiting their gut than other animals and the microbes that inside them seem to lack any identifiable role, aside from occasionally causing disease.
A bowl of salad contains more than vitamins and minerals. Plant matter also includes remnants of the hormones plants produce to control how they grow, age, and manage water intake. Recently, scientist
Mckenzie Watson, from Doncaster, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome which causes his kidneys to function improperly and water to build up in the body. His family are fundraising to fund a cure.
Father-of-four Paul Jenny, 47, from Plymouth was close to death after losing 30 years worth of muscle in just eight weeks as the life-threatening infection took over his body.
APUI, Brazil (Reuters) - The small town of Apui sits at the new frontline of Brazil's fight against advancing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, where vast forest fires belch jet black smoke visi
The researchers in Washington, D.C., said parents should forget garbling at their newborns in baby speak. Instead, walk them around the supermarket describing the colors of the food.
Experts warned that staring at the eclipse without protective eyewear could damage the retinas. Solar retinopathy occurs when staring at the sun for too long. Symptoms include vision spots and blurr
CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - An outbreak of bird flu in South Africa threatens the country's poultry industry and jobs, Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana said on Tuesday after meeting with poultry industr
Researchers led by the Genome Institute of Singapore have identified a non-coding acid that regulates genes and controls the ability of heart cells to undergo repair or regeneration.
We were madly in love and planning to get married. But lately I’ve been doubting my physical attraction to him. Is this reasonable, or self-sabotage?
Here are the back-to-school items to add to your — or more likely, your parents' — shopping list.
An updated analysis of the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) lowering drugs, proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) inhibitors, finds they are not cost-effective at current pr
Oral steroids should not be used for treating acute lower respiratory tract infection (or 'chest infections') in adults who don't have asthma or other chronic lung disease, as they do not reduce the d
Despite receiving medical attention for an overdose, patients in Pennsylvania Medicaid continued to have persistently high prescription opioid use, with only slight increases in use of medication-assi
Meet stylish Vancouverite Aurela Lacaj.
A review of nearly 50 studies led by researchers from Keio University in Fujisawa found eating more greens could be a good preventive care for cardiovascular disease (stock image).
Researchers led by the University of Buffalo have now created three antibiotics that together could eradicate E.coli genes mcr-1 and ndm-5 that previously made the bacterium immune.
A new research article investigates the effects of yoga and meditation on people by looking at physiological and immunological markers of stress and inflammation. By studying the participants of an in
By capturing the crystal structure of RNA polymerase during a nontraditional form of transcription -- reiterative transcription -- researchers have identified a new pathway used by RNA to exit an enzy
Abstinence-only-until-marriage programs and policies in the United States are ineffective as they do not delay sexual initiation or reduce sexual risk behaviors, two scientific review papers show. The
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