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Seismologists say Mexico City's dry lake bed of soft soil made the earthquake shaking worse
Apple has admitted to a glitch in the software of its latest smartwatch that caused some early reviewers to lose connectivity.
Another Archie character is coming to The CW. A “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” TV show is in the works for next year, but this definitely won’t resemble the ABC sitcom.
Season 7 of "Game of Thrones" only came to an end a few weeks ago, and fans still aren't sure just how long the wait will be for the show's final season. However, while they wait, they are getting s
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc will add "more human review and oversight" to its ad-buying system, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said on Wednesday, responding to rising criticism tha
The UK and US reach an agreement that aims to allow freer movement of research equipment and scientists
Mexico and Japan warn citizens with sirens and alerts. But not yet in the United States.
As massive cancellations of roughly 2,000 flights affect Ryanair scheduling and hundreds of thousands of customers of Europe’s largest short-haul airline, a woman has come forward to claim that sh
Nikki Bella may have just started out on “Dancing With the Stars” but it seems like her fiancé John Cena is already waiting for her encore.
A customer support representative for credit reporting firm Equifax sent a potential victim of the recent, massive data breach suffered by the company to a website completely unrelated to Equifax’
President Donald Trump has endured historic low approval ratings after eight months in office. According to Quinnipiac University poll data, Trump's highest approval rating was 42 percent, which he a
An asteroid is cruising through our solar system is actually two space rocks, based on images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.
The attacks include links that could potentially allow attackers to wipe their target's computer networks clean.             
Are scientific findings a matter of opinion? Forty-three per cent of Canadians say they agree that they are, accoprding to a new poll whose results a
(Reuters) - Apple Inc's on Wednesday conceded its latest smartwatch unveiled a week ago has problems with its most important feature: the ability make phone calls and access data without an iPhone ne
The Harry Josh hair dryer is the best one we've ever tested, and this massive discount makes it a great time to buy.             
Saturn's moon Titan has oceans made of methane. What would it be like to explore them, and how would we do it? CBC's Bob McDonald looks into the poss
Early results from the Satellites Around Galactic Analogs (SAGA) Survey indicate that the Milky Way's satellites are much more tranquil than other comparable systems.
The end of the world is upon civilization, at least as far as some are concerned, but the crutch for their argument doesn’t exist. The doomsday conspiracy claims the fictitious planet Nibiru, also
Researchers at the University of Warwick found that mood does spread over friendship networks, as do different symptoms of depression such as helplessness and loss of interest.
Vanessa Sewell is a correspondent for Her Campus, and she has plenty of tips for making your dorm room look great—without spending a ton of cash.             
The firm - which has the same owner as Google - expands into new product categories after a lull.
Astronomers have observed the intriguing characteristics of an unusual type of object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter: two asteroids orbiting each other and exhibiting comet-like feature
By studying rodents, researchers showed that instead of attacking germs, some neutrophils may help heal the brain after an intracerebral hemorrhage, a form of stroke caused by ruptured blood vessels.
Communication breakdowns between care facilities can pave the way for outbreaks of infection, according to research on the spread of an extensively drug-resistant bacterium.
Who knew that it's possible to predict the fragrance of a flower by looking at its color? This is true for many of the 41 insect-pollinated plant species growing in a Phrygana scrubland habitat on the
A hardy ocean drone made a first-ever attempt to surf across Antarctica's stormy Drake Passage gathering data about ocean mixing.
Researchers have developed a new system that allows programmers to transplant code from one program into another. The programmer can select the code from one program and an insertion point in a second
Siblings Darla and Spanky were treated with a therapy for children with spina bifida. A video shows the puppies showing off their ability to walk, run and play in Davis, California.
Billionaire Warren Buffett was joined on stage at a Forbes 100 anniversary celebration in New York City on Tuesday night by Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO of Chobani; Sean 'Diddy' Combs and more.
A European Space Agency probe has captured a stunning image of Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat on the planet.
In the tests conducted last month at New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Range, the prototype weapon successfully shot down five unmanned Outlaw aircraft, according to Lockheed Martin.
Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico Wednesday, bringing catastrophic winds of up to 155 mph. Initial reports told of “total devastation” on the island. Pictures from San Juan Luis Munoz Mari
Carmelo Anthony’s departure has been speculated since then-president Phil Jackson publicly ousted him during an April press conference. Subsequently, the New York Knicks star has been linked to te
Panera Bread revealed its plans to launch the largest-ever clean kid's menu. The children's menu will feature smaller portion sizes of regular food items. Panera, however, slammed the CEOs of its fas
The Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals will play the final game on the schedule for Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season when they meet on “Monday Night Football.” Both teams are 1-1 with an early sha
Android 8.0 Oreo is already making its rounds on the usual early adopter devices, including the Pixel and Pixel XL, the Pixel C, the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X. As usual, many devices outside of Goog
President Donald Trump blocked on Twitter a Nevada woman with advanced cancer after she began tweeting at him different criticisms of Republican health care bills, according to Think Progress. Laura
It’s been a week since the Apple Watch Series 3 was revealed, and reviews of the wearable device have poured in -- pointing out the good and bad. Here’s a roundup of the Apple Watch Series 3 re
The Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) has welcomed the US administration’s move to resume the processing of H-1B visas after a gap of five months. The processing of visas was suspe.
(Reuters) - Auto suppliers Delphi Automotive Plc and BlackBerry Ltd will partner on a software operating system for self-driving cars, the companies said on Wednesday.
The U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude-6.1 earthquake has hit off the coast of Japan
Scientists have discovered a new species of hermit crab off the coast of Japan that roams the ocean floor with coral on its back.
“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” is known for its endless amount of drama but the cast members of the VH1 reality series let it slip that someone has a baby on the way-- and not everyone is happy
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Waymo unit is seeking about $2.6 billion from Uber for the alleged theft of one of several trade secrets in a lawsuit over self-driving cars, a lawyer for Uber
US State Dept honour for healthcare platform that dispels drug-price opacity
Researchers from the Francis Crick Institute in London used the CRISPR-Cas9 system to 'edit' growing human embryos to see what would occur when a key gene was removed.
Here are my secrets to decorating a dorm room on a budget             
(Reuters) - Apple Inc's latest smartwatch may have packed many impressive features of a smartphone, but occasional mobile connectivity issues and poor battery life held back several reviewers from rec
MTV claims to have an extensive matchmaking algorithm to help each season’s “Are You the One?” cast members find their perfect matches. However, viewers are aware it’s not uncommon for the pa
Astrophysicists have figured out a new way to weigh black holes, even though they can’t see them. This method for estimating a black hole’s mass came from closer observation of what happens when
A seasoned wedding attendee might be familiar with the chore of deciding what to wear to another’s big day, but a recent photo appears to show six women unwittingly made the same unanimous decision
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Chairman RS Sharma today dismissed charges of non-transparency in its decision to cut call connect rate, saying the cost calculation is objective and scienti
A former information technology administrator was sentenced to four years of federal probation and hit with a large fine after being found guilty of sabotaging his former employer by hijacking the c
The previous Xbox One X pre-orders sold out in days
The ingenious invention, created by Ryan Matt, 27, from New York, sees a tea bag attached to a wire that is being slowly spun by a drill.
The Ministry of of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has sought the help of the Department of Telecom to enforce its order in blocking online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The ord.
The world is supposedly coming to an end Saturday, Sept. 23. While there have been numerous accusations of Armageddon throughout time, this one is apparently for real, at least for conspiracy theoris
The app has features that give it an edge over the competition, say experts
Two powerful quakes, 12 days apart, have killed hundreds of people in Mexico this month. We look at how, where and why the big ones happen.
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Police investigating explosion at Canoga Park home

The Los Angeles Police Department’s drug lab unit was investigating an explosion at a Canoga Park home Wednesday afternoon, officials said. The blast was reported shortly after 3 p.m. in the 750
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L.A. County probation officer pleads guilty to assaulting inmates at a juvenile hall

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How to help Mexico's earthquake victims

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Eleven coffins, all in a row: One of the worst of Mexico's earthquake tragedies unfolded at the church in Atzala

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Mexico City residents whose buildings survived the 1985 quake thought they'd be safe in the next big one. They were wrong

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Explosion at Canoga Park home leaves one person injured

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Former Brat Pack star Anthony Michael Hall convicted of assaulting neighbor

“The Breakfast Club” actor Anthony Michael Hall, facing a felony battery charge for breaking a neighbor’s wrist in a struggle, opted Wednesday to plead no contest to a misdemeanor assault an
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Rescuers dug through the wreckage of a collapsed school in Mexico where at least 25 people died

More than 300 children were studying in their classrooms at a Mexico City private school when the earth started violently shaking. In an instant, concrete walls and ceilings in parts of the school
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Judge lowers $2-million bail for Suge Knight's fiancee on charges she sold murder trial evidence to TMZ

A Los Angeles County judge decided to sharply reduce the $2-million bail keeping Marion “Suge” Knight’s fiancee jailed on charges that she violated a court order by selling a key video in Kn
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