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An analysis of satellite data by NASA and the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder found the minimum was 610,000 sq miles below average.
Mexico City was struck by a 7.1 earthquake Tuesday afternoon, leaving at least 116 dead and impacting an estimated 28 million others. The quake left widespread damage, power outages, cracked roads an
Twitter has suspended nearly 300,000 accounts that have been linked to terrorism in the first six months of the year, according to the social network’s biannual transparency report published Tuesd
A high school sparked outrage from parents after it bound African-American students for a slavery reenactment project. The California-based school claimed the project would help students understand
Researchers based at Oxford University and the University Cambridge have have strong proof that a mysterious jellyfish-like creature was an indeed an animal, and not some other life form.
Organisations in the Middle East face IT recruitment challenges unless they offer more training and employ more women
A young mother who allegedly left her infant alone for a week and died while she was with friends faces a 10-year sentence, according to reports. Viktoria Kuznetsova, 17, reportedly told neighbors an
The first wave of iPhone 8 reviews dropped Tuesday and as can be expected, there was a pretty consistent opinion of the device not being as intriguing as the iPhone X. Many reviewers have recommended
The independent lifeboat service at Caister, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, has a fleet of drones fitted with lights and cameras which feed live video footage back to screens on the boat.
Engineers from the University of Glasgow have developed nanoscale plasmonic colour filters that display different colours depending on the orientation of the light.
Researchers at the University of Oldenburg in Germany found that barn owls have 'ageless ears', an evolutionary advantage that is absent in humans and other mammals.
By examining more than 600 radiocarbon dates, scientists were able to gather much more precise estimates of the timing and duration of events in the period around 3200-2500 BC collected in Orkney.
It's been nearly two weeks since we learned about one of the biggest data breaches in recent memory, and many questions remain unanswered.
Google Home Mini is a smaller, cheaper smart speaker that looks poised to rival Amazon Echo Dot.
iOS 11 has new multitasking features, an improved Siri and customizable Control Center. Video provided by Newsy             
This company hacked fictional home to show how vulnerable a consumer's home is to hacking with connected devices
This company hacked fictional home to show how vulnerable a consumer's home is to hacking with connected devices
The camera-equipped drone, called Aire, can be controlled via a smartphone app, allowing people to see what's going on in their homes while they've popped out to work or are busy running an errand.
The bachelorette party of a bride-to-be was marred by significant travel delays amid dozens of cancellations by Ryanair last Tuesday, one of which was the long-awaited Ibiza, Spain-bound flight from
Theresa May will use a summit in New York tonight to warn the technology giants and their rivals that her patience is running out over their failure to clamp down on jihadi groups.
Researchers from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University found that small changes in the solar wind can affect both the speed and strength of space hurricanes, influencing how they carry plasma.
Pre-sales of iPhone 8 not as robust as years past             
Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed an app that works with Google Glass and listens to the other person in a conversation and provides the wearer with options of what to say.
Droid Life claims to have images of the new handsets, alongside a new mini wireless speaker, and images of an updated Daydream VR headset.
The recently released iOS 11 update opens up augmented reality experiences to millions of users. Apple CEO Tim Cook went on ABC’s Good Morning America to talk about augmented reality, a topic he h
When companies are planning out their cybersecurity strategy today, they often have to strike a difficult balance between preventive and protective tools to protect their assets against cyber attacks
SafeBrowse, a Google Chrome extension that has more than 140,000 downloads, has been secretly using the processing power of its users’ computers to mine for the cryptocurrency Monero without the co
There might be more water on Mercury than scientists have previously thought and it is frozen into ice, despite the fact that the closest planet to our sun is generally scorching hot.
Instead of a traditional periscope, the Navy's Virginia-class subs use high-res cameras and large monitors, controlled by $38,000 joysticks. But, Xbox controllers could change this.
A third Chromebook from Google itself, known as the Google Pixelbook, will debut on October 4, according to a recent leak.
Flipkart's Big Billion Days Sale will commence from September 20 to September 24.
NBA superstar Kevin Durant apologized for disparaging comments he made Sunday from his verified Twitter account against his former Oklahoma City Thunder team. The Golden State Warriors forward calle
Software update offers shortcuts, filters and AR             
The next big flagship announcement is right around the corner and with this leak, there might not be much of a mystery left.
Amazon users opened their emails to a surprise on Tuesday, a note alerting them that an item had been purchased from their baby gift registry and that they could view their "thank you list" online. T
The risks of drone-human collisions vary widely, researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University found in a new comprehensive survey.
Reviewers considered the phones a modest upgrade over the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but several suggested waiting for the iPhone X.
Fans of the Google Pixel have been parsing over details for the upcoming Pixel 2, but Google may have indirectly unveiled several upcoming features itself. In a breakdown of Google’s latest beta f
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. judge said Veon Ltd shareholders may pursue much of a lawsuit accusing the multinational phone company once known as VimpelCom of inflating its share price by concealing
New research proves cellular proteins communicate with one another using molecular "add-ons." Scientists liken the protein add-ons to web browser plug-ins.
Scientists say ocean conditions during Hurricane Joaquin could have produced a rogue wave capable of downing El Faro, the merchant vessel that sank in 2015.
Citizens of Mexico City suffered a 7.1-magnitude earthquake Tuesday. The strong earthquake, which caused damage to buildings and knocked out power city-wide, proved to shake citizens, too. The earth
The iOS 11 update is out and users are finally getting to play with the new features and hidden tricks it has to offer. One new iOS 11 feature that was available in the beta version of the software
Apple released iOS 11 Tuesday, and with it came major changes to iPhones and iPads. The update comes with improvements to Siri, Apple Pay, Do Not Disturb and Maps. Here are some new changes on iOS 11
A Texas woman sparked debate on Facebook regarding apparent racial insensitivity after she blasted arts and crafts store Hobby Lobby for selling decorative cotton stalks. The post went viral and amas
If you're not using your extra vacuum attachments, then you're not using your vacuum to its full potential.             
Equifax had a separate security breach earlier this year, raising additional questions about company's security practices
Authorities say an 18-year-old who was named one of Texas' 10 Most Wanted fugitives and is suspected of a slaying was caught in Los Angeles after posting a live video on social media
A flight from Manchester, England, to Marrakech, Morocco, was forced to divert to Lisbon on Monday after a passenger allegedly assaulted cabin crew members and launched a racist tirade on fellow pas
Whispering gallery mode resonators rely on a phenomenon similar to an effect observed in circular galleries, and the same phenomenon applies to light. When light is stored in ring-shaped or spherical
Twitter users have accused Kim Kardashian of allegedly stealing Rihanna's original shoe design from her collection Fenty Puma. Kardashian, 36, shared two pictures of the new faux fur slider shoe wi
Researchers have demonstrated that security cameras infected with malware can receive covert signals and leak sensitive information from the very same surveillance devices used to protect facilities.
A deadly amphibian disease called severe Perkinsea infections, or SPI, is the cause of many large-scale frog die-offs in the United States, according to a new study.
Arctic sea ice appeared to have reached its yearly lowest extent on Sept. 13, scientists have reported. Analysis of satellite data showed that at 1.79 million square miles (4.64 million square kilomet
Cambridge University recently published one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency research reports to date, a study spanning across global markets. It includes data from 144 different cryptocurren
Although Lauren Jauregui has every intention of remaining a singer in Fifth Harmony, the 21-year-old recently revealed that she was interested in making music that 5H fans may not be used to.
The new Google Daydream View headset looks to be different in a few key ways.
The new Google Daydream View headset looks to be different in a few key ways.
Washers with detergent tanks can save you time and money.             
A mysterious ultra-wealthy client has commissioned McLaren’s technology and design team for an ‘invincible shield’ that can be worn discreetly beneath the clothing, to protect their vital orga
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