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Patients at risk of heart attacks and strokes may be spotted earlier thanks to a diagnosis tool that uses near-infrared light to identify high-risk arterial plaques.
There is a reason why whisky is diluted with water before being bottled. The same reason also makes many whisky enthusiasts add a few drops of water in their glasses – it makes the whisky taste bett
Researchers from the University of Utah looked at what makes the decision to stay or leave a relationship so difficult.
Sacramento Police Department on Thursday released the bodycam footage of an incident wherein an officer was accused of pushing a pregnant woman to the ground outside her home July 9. However, the f
Twenty years after Carl Drega murdered four people in the New Hampshire town of Colebrook, two of whom were state troopers, law enforcement officials from across the town and Vermont prepare to mark
The Infinity display dominates the front side of the handset, and the screen edges less curved than they are on the Galaxy S8.
Scientists have forecast the corona of the sun during the upcoming eclipse. The findings shed light on what the eclipse of the sun might look like Aug. 21 when it will be visible across much of the US
A team of archaeologists has uncovered a vast trading network which operated in Vietnam from around 4,500 years ago up until around 3,000 years ago.
Genomic instability is the main risk factor for tumor development in humans. Therefore understanding its origin and and exploring therapeutic targets is paramount. Histone 1 silences a region of the g
What New York City's Pre-K For All initiative has meant for a charter school.
Women who experience hypertension during pregnancy face an increased risk of heart disease and hypertension later in life, according to a new study.
You may think you're safe in that busy café or big-name hotel, but public WiFi is a major liability, writes Kim Komando.             
The Lost Legacy is another excellent entry in Sony’s flagship series, even if it doesn’t take too many risks.
Spreadtrum is now targeting the midrange and high-end smartphone market with these two new chipsets.
The app Yellow let's teens meet other teens nearby, but it doesn't actually verify age.             
The phone from Android's creator has a lot of promise. But is not more essential than other premium smartphones.             
This add-on for the Essential phone shoots spherical photos, and demonstrates the company's magnetic accessory dock.
Think of Essential's flagship phone as the anti iPhone.
In the unbelievable footage from Bangkok, Thailand, two geckos gang up on a green tree snake who had already swallowed a Tokay gecko.
Announced back in 2016 during Google I/O, Android Instant Apps today have reached a milestone of being supported by 500 million devices.
Reddit has begun rolling out native video support for its desktop and mobile websites, as well as the official Reddit apps. Reddit’s new video platform is still currently in beta, but it will becom
Leader in the field of imaging Solutions and IT services, Ricoh India today launched new range of colour printers — Pro C5200s series. The range includes Ricoh Pro C5200s and the Pro C5210s replaci
One of the world's largest websites has not let users post their own videos directly before.
A video of a rat running around in a Long Beach, California, restaurant of the food chain Original Tommy's Hamburgers has raised concerns over the food safety of the popular eatery. The video was po
In the face of the immense growth of cyberattacks, it is now imperative that organisations have a good understanding of today’s threatscape and deploy the correct security controls to ensure their d
Dylan Sprouse has finally spoken up about the issue claiming that he cheated on his girlfriend. On Wednesday, the “Big Daddy” star turned to Twitter to air his sentiments about the infidelity iss
The video game will let players take on human or ape characters as the conflict between a group of human survivors and an ape tribe builds.
Here’s a glimpse at the way that civilizations around the world have understood solar eclipses, and used them to reinforce cultural norms and values.
Shampooing hair and using soap removes nuclear dust but conditioner can 'bind radioactive material to your hair', according to warnings from by Guam's Office for Civil Defence (stock image).
Americans are eagerly waiting for the solar eclipse passing over the United States on Aug. 21 that can be viewed by more than 300 million people. Every state in the U.S. can get a partial view of th
The customer’s demands always seem to outstrip the current technology and leave the door open to innovation and disruption. That’s why we need to look not just at what the market and the tech that
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Telecoms group China Unicom's $11.7 billion ownership-reforms plan, billed as a model case for revitalizing Chinese state firms with private capital, remained under a cloud on Fr
Justin Theroux is doing fine, but the reports about him are saying otherwise.
Justin Theroux is doing fine, but the reports about him are saying otherwise.
Nilekani was one of the seven founders that set up Infosys more than three decades ago and served as its CEO between March 2002 to April 2007.
The smartphone is likely to cheer up the gamers who are looking for a sturdy device at mid-range
“Marvel’s The Defenders” is finally available for streaming today, and people who love superheroes will definitely have strong opinions. The Netflix drama features Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luk
A leaflet created by Seoul-based firm Samsung for the Australian release of the Galaxy Note 8 next week has leaked online, confirming a number of rumoured specifications for the flagship handset.
Companies can no longer rely solely on traditional maintenance practices.
Pubic grooming has become a common practice among both men and women in the United States, however, a significant number of people among them have suffered from a number of injuries including cuts an
Samsung and Foxconn, the world’s largest suppliers of smartphone parts are working toward creating a new file transfer standard, which will enable large data transfers within seconds. The standard
Vanessa Hudgens showed her love for her boyfriend Austin Butler on Instagram. On Wednesday, Aug. 17, Butler turned 26. His girlfriend, Hudgens, did not miss the opportunity to send her love to her be
Damore claimed that his document was simply trying to address why there are fewer women in technology
The United States Navy on Thursday announced punishments for the USS Fitzgerald’s commanding officer, executive officer, and senior enlisted sailor over the mistake that led to a collision between
The 2017 line-up of the Galaxy A series was launched in India in March, after being revealed at CES earlier this year. While the Galaxy A5 (2017) was launched at a price of Rs 28,990, the Galaxy A7 (2
The 2017 encounter is the closest by this asteroid since 1890 and the closest it will ever be until after 2500. 
An Alaskan man risked his life on his birthday to save an inexperienced kayaker who was caught in raging rapids Saturday. The New York Post shared a video Thursday showing the heart-stopping rescue o
Ewan McGregor said that he would still be interested in playing dual roles in the future after his critically acclaimed double performance as brothers Ray and Emmit Stussy in Season 3 of FX’s “Fa
BOSTON (Reuters) - Top Tesla Inc investors Fidelity Investments and T. Rowe Price cut their holdings in the second quarter and indicated they were taking profits from the electric car maker stock, wh
Most pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy but not Sarah Stage. According to Us Weekly, the fit model is able to maintain her six-pack abs even now that she’s nearly eight months pregnant. In
Netflix and chills - stream and scream with these great horror movies.
Infosys has said there is no change in its buyback plans, under which it could return as much as Rs 13,000 crore to its shareholders. The board of the embattled company — which saw its CEO Vishal S
Board blames Infosys founders' repeated insinuations, campaign for Sikka's resignation
The USC Institute of Armenian Studies will host INNOVATE ARMENIA 2017, a day of discovery, technology, music, food, wine, chess.
Researchers from Ivey Business School in Ontario studied the buying and selling habits behaviour of 140 male traders after administering testosterone supplement Androgel or a placebo.
Here#39;s a look at 5 apps which can be useful for your road trips
New figures show record numbers placed through clearing as universities seek to fill places.
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Genetic of manipulation of humans will likely increase income inequality as some people are insured characteristics that make economic success more likely.
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A total eclipse of the sun is a reason to unplug

Monday morning, just as the workweek is getting underway, the sun over the entire continental U.S. will dim and, in some places, go dark altogether as a total solar eclipse traverses the country f
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In Gaza, we get four hours of electricity a day — if we're lucky

Some friends threw me a surprise birthday party last month. They placed a chocolate cake lit with candles before me and told me to make a wish for the year ahead. I immediately blurted out, “24-
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