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Researchers at a top U.S. laboratory announced Tuesday that they have produced the highest resolution scan ever done of the inner workings of a fossi
To teach Vizier, an AI meant to train other AIs, Google tasked it with formatting the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, considering taste-tester feedback until it for the recipe just right.
These 12 apps help you take better care of yourself, whether you want to eat better, get in shape, or take care of your brain.             
Uber will reportedly introduce a newly enhanced version of Uber for Business, according to TechCrunch. The Uber for Business update was confirmed Tuesday by the company, which will offer custom tra
At least nine Marches on Google have been proposed for Saturday by supporters of James Damore. But no permits been applied for in Mountain View.             
Facebook is putting a fresh coat of paint on its mobile and desktop interface.
Facebook is revamping its mobile interface, including swapping out some long-running design staples.
Facebook is revamping its mobile interface, including swapping out some long-running design staples.
Facebook is revamping its mobile interface, to include changing some long-running design choices.
A high number of accidental deaths this year among the endangered North Atlantic right whale threaten the survival of the species, according to conse
As a fourth member of his manufacturing council quits over President Trump's response to Charlottesville, Trump says others will take their place.             
Government hunts for 1.3M anti-Trump protesters online, claiming web-hosting service contributed to "violent riot" at presidential inauguration.             
Read CBC's complete coverage of the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 for the science behind the rare event and tips on how to watch.
Discord, a chat app for video game players, became a digital home for the alt-right before deciding to ban their chat rooms on Monday.
The 'Hello in Elephant' tool lets users translate phrases and emotions such as 'hello' and 'I'm sad' into a short clip showing the elephant gesture and noise equivalent, made from recordings taken i
Kid Rock has been teasing a possible run for Senate — but if he decides to get serious, he might have to list his given name on the ballot. That would mean a possible Sen. Robert Ritchie and not Se
Those looking to secure a spot at the Cheeto pop-up restaurant in New York may be in for some disappointment: reservations are completely booked. The Spotted Cheetah, which opened Tuesday and was sch
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson offered some advice for spectators of the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse: drop the smartphone and soak in the celestial phenomenon. Speaking with an audience Monday at
Google and HTC’s sophomore flagship has revealed itself, confirming some anticipated features in the process.
The online retail giant's newest service promises to have Amazon Prime customers' goods ready to go in two minutes.
The retail giant's newest service may entice customers to head out to pick up their goods.
Watch your back, Apple. Huawei's in town.             
Researchers at the University of St Andrews have decoded many ape gestures, and now they're curious if people who aren't professionals can understand the motions as well.
In the market for a new laptop? Let us be your guide to the best laptops around.
Want to catch your local NFL games? Here's how to do it with just a simple HDTV antenna.             
Resistance to one sort of affliction may make frogs more susceptible to another, new research shows.
The world first met Zac Efron’s younger brother, Dylan, when Zac posted a shirtless photo of the two of them on Instagram in July 2016. Since then, everyone’s been clamoring for more. Zac, 29, i
Fast food eatery said Cole White "voluntarily" resigned after management was alerted he participated in white nationalist march in Charlottesville.             
Nothing is free. Verizon is making you pay with your personal information instead of money.             
Monday night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” ended with a lot of drama and several damaged relationships. Cast members Masika Kalysha and Alexis Skyy have a relationship built on h
The latest Windows 10 S laptop available now is Asus’s first, the 11.6-inch Asus VivoBook W202NA.
A Massachusetts police officer used Facebook to applaud the car crash that killed an anti-racist counter-protester at a Saturday white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, reported MassLi
South Carolina filed a lawsuit against opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharma over the state’s opioid epidemic, the attorney general’s office announced Tuesday. In the lawsuit, Attorney General Alan
Instagram introduced a new update to the app Tuesday that makes it easier for users to reply to those who comment on their posts. The update creates “comment threads” in the app and it began roll
Archaeologists have uncovered new pieces of an ancient Roman villa as well as artifacts that are telling them more about both this particular site and the economic system of Sicily as a whole. The U
Uber has had their fair share of press, both good and bad. Video provided by TheStreet             
Researchers from Friedrich Schiller University Jena have characterized the enzymes mushrooms use to make psilocybin, in a major step toward medical 'magic mushrooms.'
“Arrow” Season 6 is still nearly two months away, but fans know a little more about that deadly cliffhanger now. In the Season 5 finale, Oliver watched hundreds of bombs explode on Lian Yu while
A recent analysis of password design imposed on users of popular websites and apps found that many of the most popular online services enforce less than ideal requirements for login credentials.
Uber will launch a new customer privacy program and receive regular audits for the next 20 years to settle charges from the Federal Trade Commission that the company failed to adequately protect the
Researchers form the University of Exeter found that rather than the sexes acting differently because of genetic inheritance, environment and culture influence some behaviour traits between generati
BERKELEY, Calif (Reuters) - Inc is rolling out U.S. pickup points where shoppers can retrieve items immediately after ordering them, shortening delivery times from hours to minutes in its l
The image captured by the Cassini spacecraft from 750,000 miles above the surface, shows the turbulent essence of Saturn’s clouds, which move as bands in different speeds and directions.
Aimed at students, Amazon said it now will offers convenience store-like impulse items available for order online but pickup at select locations.             
Government hunts for 1.3M anti-Trump protesters online, claiming web-hosting service contributed to "violent riot" at presidential inauguration.             
UPS announced Tuesday its plans to incorporate virtual reality (VR) technology into its training program for new drivers, according to CNN. New drivers will reportedly not be allowed to step foot b
Researchers have developed and successfully tested a method for determining how relevant to the human disease findings are from mouse models.
Scientists are exploring how to generate plants that are more drought-resistant as the water supplies decline in major agricultural states.
The Facebook-owned social network hopes organized conversations encourage users to engage with each other.
Keep your expenses streamlined and under control with these nifty solutions. We've found the best expense tracking software.
All-Clad cookware is among the best on the market, and the summer clearance sale boasts some of the best prices they've ever offered on their factory seconds.          
Existing evidence on the use of gabapentinoids in chronic low back pain (CLBP) is limited, and demonstrates significant risk of adverse effects with no benefits on pain relief, according to a recent m
A Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus rex bulling its way through a pine forest likely dislodged flowers that 100 million years later have been identified in their fossilized form as a new species of tree.
Amphibians can evolve increased tolerance to pesticides, but the adaptation can make them more susceptible to parasites, according to a team of scientists.
(Reuters) - Blackstone Group has pulled out of discussions to buy part of Israeli mobile surveillance software maker NSO Group, according to people familiar with the talks that had been criticized by
It is important to spend less than what you earn, says Infosys co-founder
How Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson finds time to not only post photos to Instagram, but also include lengthy, heartfelt messages to go along with them, is amazing.
Cleveland police released dashcam video of a forceful arrest which showed officers punching and slamming a victim’s head into the ground during an August 12 traffic stop. A bystander uploaded the v
Our daily pick of the best free software: much more than just a PDF reader, Foxit lets you create and edit documents too.
Tombs excavated in the Al-Kamin al-Sahrawi area in Minya province south of Cairo were in burial grounds constructed some time between the 27th Dynasty and the Greco-Roman Era.
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