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Comcast is making moves into a new telecom market. The company announced Thursday details about Xfinity Mobile, its newest program that offers phones and mobile service to customers. The new service
President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping planned to kick off what the American leader said would be a “very difficult” private meeting at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club resort in
Astronomers at England's Keele University have detected an atmosphere around GJ 1132b, a super-Earth exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf star 39 light years away.
Think your Mac isn’t susceptible to viruses? Think again. A recent report from security software company McAfee showed malware targeting MacOS grew by 744 percent over the course of 2016.
Comcast is introducing its new wireless service, Xfinity Mobile, later this year. Veuer's Amanda Kabbabe (@kabbaber) has more.             
NASA astronaut John Glenn wore many hats during his long life, one of which was a space helmet. Glenn, famed for being the first American to orbit Earth, lead a full life until his death on Dec. 8,
Scientists say children who are given high-quality education at an early age -- starting at six weeks -- are more likely to be employed full-time and have better relationships with their parents as ad
Disorders caused by aneuploidy, a condition in which cells contain an abnormal number of chromosomes, can vary widely in severity from one individual to another. New research shows that aneuploidy alo
Recognizing the perceptual threshold for when lips appear unnatural is important to avoid an undesirable outcome in lip augmentation. A new study attempts to provide data on balanced augmentation. The
For a few years, running has been fashionable. But there is a great difference between the physical demands of running a few kilometers and doing a marathon. Now researchers have concluded that geneti
In the search for answers to the complex health problems and colony losses experienced by honey bees in recent years, it may be time for professionals and hobbyists in the beekeeping industry to look
Experimental physicists have developed a thin nanomaterial with superconducting properties. Below about -200 °C these materials conduct electricity without loss, levitate magnets and can screen magne
The natural structure found within leaves could improve the performance of everything from rechargeable batteries to high-performance gas sensors, according to an international team of scientists. The
Materials scientists and engineers have developed a sensor that is fast, sensitive and efficient enough to detect specific wavelengths of electromagnetic energy while on the move. The technology could
Men who attended a structured yoga class twice a week during prostate cancer radiation treatment reported less fatigue and better sexual and urinary function than those who didn't, according to a clin
An ad will appear at the top of users' news feeds, linking to advice on how to identify fake news.
Black people were twice as likely to be shot by police in Florida regardless of the alleged crime, according to new report from the Tampa Bay Times, which analyzed local law enforcement data from 200
They need Forrester designs to steal or they’ll be shut down once again and considered failures in the fashion world. But as Sally and Coco waver on the plan to save Spectra, Shirley will make sur
Nest thermostats can control the temperature, but why stop there?             
The Oakland Raiders are on the verge of making one of the biggest acquisitions of the 2017 NFL offseason, and it involves a player that wasn’t even on a roster last year. Marshawn Lynch reportedly
Microsoft shared first details of technology inside its next video game console.             
Facebook is launching a tool to help users spot false news articles on the site
Squid, octopuses and cuttlefish favor modifying their proteins in a way that slows down normal evolution. The post Science Reveals Yet Another Reason Octopuses and Squid Are So Weird appeared first o
Call Of Duty: WW2 leaked concept art sent shockwaves through the industry late last month, and we may know even more about the game today. Reddit user Tinnothy recently shared a blurry box image,
April the giraffe is still pregnant, even though viewers waited weeks for her to give birth at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York. Despite her ongoing pregnancy, more than 200,000 people tuned
While waiting for the Hearthstone vaults to open, we’ve been looking at the cards in the set and come to a conclusion: Ozruk is the worst Legendary card in the whole Journey To Un’Goro expansio
Kodak Black may still be in prison, but that isn’t stopping the “Tunnel Vision” rapper from getting in trouble behind bars. While the hip-hop artist remains locked up, new allegations have surf
The National Capital Commission's board has approved the master plan for the reopening of the renewed Canada Science and Technology Museum.
Wildlife officials have begun using small video cameras to assist vulnerable sea turtle populations. The so-called “turtle cams,” affixed to the shells of leatherback sea turtles, show the creatu
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Ant Financial tried to soothe security concerns about its proposed $880 million takeover MoneyGram International Inc on Thursday, saying it intends to store U.S. user data
After facing a series of backlash from customers about a children’s coloring book featuring an image of Adolf Hitler, Dutch stores have issued an apology and removed the coloring book from its shel
The cable giant Comcast will start selling cellphone plans called Xfinity Mobile in the coming months, using a network it's leasing from Verizon.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Comcast Corp , facing pressure in its core business, said on Thursday it is launching a wireless service with an unlimited data plan, making it the first major U.S. cable provide
Did aliens ever live and breathe on Mars? As scientists search for extraterrestrials on Earth’s neighboring planet — or evidence they once existed there — they are turning to extreme environme
A father who refused to pay a fine for a term-time holiday loses his challenge in the Supreme Court.
An analyst for Swiss financial services firm UBS believes that the smaller screen size of the iPhone 8 may be one factor in forcing Apple to price its 10th anniversary handset competitively.
Jessa Seewald’s kids may be young, but she’s got high hopes for their relationship. In a TLC video, the “Jill and Jessa: Counting On” star said she’s thrilled to have two sons “so close t
After throwing a party that turned violent, on “Empire” Season 3, episode 13, Hakeem will attempt to salvage his birthday celebration. “Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) throws an epic 21st birthday party
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un reportedly spent approximately $3.4 million in lingerie last year for his harem of women — many of them young teenage girls — nicknamed the “Pleasure Squad.” T
Closing browser tabs or shutting down the whole browser app can stifle that annoying pop-up that won’t leave the screen.
Light version of the site will load faster, take up less space.             
More than 400 icebergs have drifted into the North Atlantic shipping lanes over the past week in an unusually large swarm for this early in the seaso
If you're scared of snakes, don't spend your spring break in Everglades National Park. A hunter caught a 15-foot-10, 135-pound python in South Florida Sunday during the inaugural Python Elimination
She didn’t believe Nick when he showed her evidence Chloe killed Adam, but following her own startling discovery, Chelsea will decide the time has come to confront her best friend on the Thursday,
Powerful graphics in the prototype suggest it will run top games in 4K resolution.
Powerful graphics in the prototype suggest it will run top games in 4K resolution.
Over 8,000 drivers for Uber and Lyft are now not allowed to drive in Massachusetts. Aaron Dickens has the story.             
Samsung has high hopes for Bixby on the Galaxy S8 that it even placed a dedicated button on the device. This might be an annoyance for some users, but luckily someone found a way to remap that button
With the e-commerce marketplace Salebhai announcing on Thursday the launch of its international delivery service, Indian Diaspora across the world can now get regional products from their hometowns.T
It seems Apple may break its five year tradition of releasing its iPhone in Sept. A new report has revealed that 'technical issues' could push the launch of the iPhone 8 to October or November.
Another seriously-wallet-damaging, supercharged GPU enters the fray.
Plastic surgery experts from the Natural Face Clinic in New York found that balancing upper and lower lip surgery yields the best results.
Children may carry significant levels of nicotine on their hands just by coming into contact with items or surfaces contaminated with tobacco smoke residues, even when no one is actively smoking aroun
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked Reliance Jio Infocomm to withdraw its three months complimentary offer - Jio Summer Surprise – launched on March 31. “Jio accepts this d
Siri could soon recognize your voice, making it safer and more efficient.
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