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Gear that makes life easier gets gold stars. If it’s also lightweight, more stars. If it fulfills more than one function, even more stars. Here are some of the newer “making life easier” ite
The breath-taking beauty of one of the UK’s most iconic national parks has been captured in a stunning new book aimed at helping visitors make the most of their visits to the Peak District.
These rides offer thrills just as extreme as any roller coaster.             
Southern food scenes from Athens, Ga., to Baton Rouge, La., stand up to major city neighbors with new independent eateries and star chefs.             
GREENWICH, P.E.I. - Even regular visitors to Prince Edward Island may not know about one of its hidden treasures. A visit to the Greenwich section of the P.E.I. National Park offers ......
From the Jewish districts of historic cities to small, out-of-the-way towns once known as shtetls, the author finds remnants of the past at every turn.
These three books explore Jewish culture and how it has evolved since the Holocaust.
Hastings' fortunes have waxed and waned - but, for the past decade, it's been resolutely on the up. Now, this coastal town is more stylish than ever — and there's plenty to see on a weekend away.
Forget the gambling that used to run the show here, Las Vegas is now emerging as a fantastic spot for a short sunshine getaway, with its thrills now of the sporting kind.
Lower prices, nice weather and fewer crowds could make this fall one for the record books.             
HONOLULU (AP) — Six NASA-backed research subjects who have been cooped up in a Mars-like habitat on a remote Hawaii volcano since January emerged from isolation Sunday. They devoured fresh-picked t
BUCHAREST, Romania - Six people died and at least 30 were injured during a violent storm Sunday in western Romania that produced winds of up to 100 kilometres (60 miles) ...
BUCHAREST, Romania - Authorities say five people have died and at least 30 were injured during a violent storm in western Romania that produced winds of up to 100 kilometres ......
WASHINGTON (AP) — Florida’s economy has long thrived on one import above all: People. Until Irma struck this month, the state was adding nearly 1,000 residents a day — 333,471 in the past y
Flying across multiple time zones can wreak havoc on your body’s circadian rhythm and leave you with lingering jet lag. Passengers traveling from Los Angeles to London might need a day or two to
The best summer photos from our readers
If you're a gambler looking for a sure thing, join a cruise line player's club. Not only will you receive cruise-time perks, but you also may be invited to sail for free. We're not saying this is
I liked the On the Spot column about phones [“Smart About Phones Abroad,” by Catharine Hamm, Sept. 3]. Readers should also be aware of several options: Google’s Project Fi, as well as Wi-Fi
Customers trying to book flights in the lead-up to Irma faced steep price hikes. But were they out of the ordinary?
La Belle Epoque, a European Waterways barge built in the Netherlands in 1930 to carry cargo, is now a floating hotel. The Mail on Sunday's Susie Boulton went to check it out.
From colourful fruit markets to grand palaces, the Mail on Sunday's Caroline Hendrie was hit by a wave of sights and sounds on a recent trip to India.
TV presenter Denise van Outen says in recent years her winter holiday destination has been Dubai. But this time around, she decided to hit South Africa instead.
Lots of beer, dubious sausages and salty pretzels were on the agenda for the Mail on Sunday's David Whitley when he stopped at Munich in Germany recently.
For many Central Floridians, the frustration intensified Saturday as Duke Energy extended outage times for customers on the Orange-Lake county border to the end of Tuesday. Sunday was the original est
MILAN - The Codacons consumer advocacy group said Ryanair's decision to cancel 2,000 flights over the next six weeks has put a poor light on its plans to bid for ...
Set up by hotelier Sir Rocco Forte ten years ago, the Mail on Sunday's Jeremy Daniels went to check out the Verdura Resort on the west coast of Sicily.
Here are five initial thoughts about Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in the cold light of day the morning after the first late night of HHN27. There’s more to say, of course, eventually: There
Here are five initial thoughts about Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in the cold light of day the morning after the first late night of HHN27. There’s more to say, of course, eventually: There
More than 100 theme parks, museums, tours, activities, hotels and restaurants participate.             
The Landmark Trust USA now allows guests to stay at Rudyard Kipling’s Vermont house, and the Mail on Sunday's Jo Kessel booked three nights at the charming abode.
The Daily Mail's Inspector called in at Middleton Lodge in North Yorkshire, which is the work of a young couple with an inspiring vision.
Consider a daylong stop, check with airlines about free layover programs, and make sure the destination is a contrast to your vacation location.
Following the devastating storms that pounded Houston and Florida, as well as popular winter destinations for Canadians such as Cuba and St. Maarten, I have been fielding questions about the ......
My taxi driver in Florence is telling it like it is. “From April to October, Florence is terrible. There are so many tourists,” she says as we weave our way through ...
The Victorian-era Spicer Mansion opened in May 2016 as a boutique hotel in a quiet residential neighborhood in the seafaring town of Mystic, Conn.
The local costs of everyday items in 30 resorts or cities were compared for the annual Post Office Long Haul Holiday Report to reveal where the pound will stretch furthest.
MINNEAPOLIS — There are lots of reasons to love Minneapolis. It’s cosmopolitan, but has a Midwestern friendliness. Its beautiful big-city skyline is offset by riverfront development and to
A short list of places to relax, enjoy a meal, shop a bit — and find some peace between the shows during fashion week (and always).
Gatorland, the long-standing animal attraction in south Orlando, has extended its Florida resident discount. Tickets will be half-price through the end of September. Admission during the month will be
In the wake of Hurricane Irma, FEMA is making direct payments to select hotels in Florida to house people who are unable return to their homes yet. Through the federal agency’s transitional shelteri
Las Vegas never needs an excuse to party, and as an entertainment oasis a short trip from Mexico, the city will roll out the red, white and green carpet starting ...
BOISE, Idaho - Tourists heading to central Idaho will be in the dark if local officials get their way. The first International Dark Sky Reserve in the United States would fill ...
Gardens, mountains, wine country, the coast and outdoor adventures are all available in these Oregon towns.             
Penny Walters, her husband and children, took a Royal Caribbean Christmas cruise, meeting up on board with her sister and her two children who live in Chicago.
Properties in Atlanta, Chicago and Green Bay, Wis., will put guests near the action with the Braves, Cubs and Packers.
California-based Ira Meyer has been photographing penguins around Antarctica and the South Georgia region for more than a decade.
Penny Walters, her husband and children, took a Royal Caribbean Christmas cruise, meeting up on board with her sister and her two children who live in Chicago.
With the rise of social media, the Mail on Sunday's travel editor Frank Barrett says people are after experiences rather than lazy beach holidays.
MOSCOW (AP) — Austrian artist Leopold Kessler has built a car ramp, strong enough to hold a jeep, leading up to the window of a Soviet-era apartment in Russia’s remote ‘Jewish Autonomou
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek health authorities have banned swimming along a long line of popular Athens beaches following extensive sea pollution from the sinking of a small oil tanker five days ag
Dan Bell, who produces the hotel reviewing YouTube series Another Dirty Room , checked into the Days Inn motel in Gwynn Oak, Maryland.
The U.S. is tipped to get its first-ever 'dark sky reserve' with an area of central Idaho protected for its quality of starry nights.
The lottery will open soon for hikers who want to trek all 67 miles of Santa Monica Mountain's Backbone Trail on eight Saturdays between January and April. The National Park Service will choose 28
Jaw-dropping nature images from around the world.             
ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — As the leaves change color in western North Carolina, green is the big color for most businesses. October is one of the biggest months for businesses as tourists flock to the
More than 2,000 natural stone arches have been recorded throughout the 119-square-mile park.             
With the explosion of craft breweries, good beer is more accessible than ever. But some places are worth an extra trip just for the scenery.             
Some places emerged from the hurricane unscathed. Others are in ruins. A look at the damage, bright spots and uncertain future.
HOT SPRINGS, S.D. (AP) — Firefighters are making progress in containing a wildfire that’s burned nearly 1,200 acres in Wind Cave National Park in southwestern South Dakota. The Rankin wildfir
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With Trump's DACA reversal, an art moment rises: how two works have acquired new significance

A pair of artworks - both conceived before Trump's DACA decision - take on new significance after the president's decision.
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Leslie Van Houten participated in a killing that terrorized Southern California. She should stay in prison.

To the editor: I found Linda Deutsch’s opinion regarding the proposed release of convicted murderer Leslie Van Houten both naive and offensive. (“Release Leslie Van Houten. If she hadn't been
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Today: Another Quake Leaves Death and Destruction in Mexico

A deadly earthquake in Central Mexico on Tuesday toppled buildings and sent authorities and volunteers scrambling to find survivors in Mexico City and beyond. Here are the stories you shouldn’t
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Entitled drivers are getting in the way of California’s climate change efforts

For all the talk in California about leading the world in fighting global warming and resisting President Trump’s climate-denial agenda, the state faces one powerful obstacle that limits its env
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Trump's wall is big, beautiful and dumb — here's a better way to control the border

If the goal is to stop illegal immigration, I’ve got some advice for President Trump from here in California, which used to be part of Mexico and now has turned itself into a kind of sanctuary s
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When will a judge decide whether Robert Durst should stand trial in his L.A. murder case?

New York real estate scion Robert Durst could learn as soon as Wednesday when a Los Angeles judge will hold a hearing to decide whether there is enough evidence for him to face trial for murder. D
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10 points to keep in mind about housing affordability in California

Many politicians and activists push simplistic solutions when it comes to California’s housing woes. Some promote subsidies; others density. Some sell infill as the solution; others blame everyt
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What other kinds of lawlessness does California want to protect as a 'sanctuary state'?

To the editor: We are a nation of laws. Our laws both protect and sustain us as a society. Our laws are both major and minor, but the rule of law is what governs our way of life and safeguards our
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Democracy depends on free speech. Thankfully, UC Berkeley's chancellor understands that.

To the editor: At last, a voice of levity from UC Berkeley’s Chancellor, Carol T. Christ. (“UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ: ‘Free speech has itself become controversial,’” Sept.
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