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Chieftains in Huambo appeal to citizens to disarm

Huambo - Chieftains in the central Huambo Province last Tuesday appealed for the disarmament of the civilian population, aiming for public security. ,

Speaking to ANGOP, at a ceremony of destroying 170 fire-arms, chieftains from the localities of Camussamba, Calombringo and Cacilhas expressed their readiness to collaborate with the provincial authorities, by being available to receive any guns from civilians and hand them over to the National Police.   


The Chief of Camussamba, Aurélio Neto, said to journalists that the citizens have been sensitised in regard to the importance of the disarmament process, adding that many of them have made their contribution by denouncing those who illegally own firer-arms.  


The Chiefatin of Calombringo, Valentino Pelembi, appealed to the authorities to organise more lectures in his locality to give more explanations about the disarmament process.


In his turn, the Chieftain of Cacilhas, Mário Segunda, suggested that more compulsory collection of weapons should take place, adding that his locality has recorded too many gun-related crimes.

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