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How did that get there? Curiosity rover discovers a strange 'Egg Rock' METAL meteorite on Mars

Using its ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager, a long-distance, laser-guided camera aboard the rover, Curiosity captured several detailed close-ups of the strange object.
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EU sanctions against Russia cost Italy billions of euro

Italian businesses have lost over €10 billion because of EU sanctions against Russia and Moscow counteractions, according to the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relat
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UK military shows off footage of drone strike on ISIS that caused ‘civilian injuries’ (VIDEO)

Footage has emerged showing a controversial British drone stroke on a sniper in Syria last May. Read Full Article at
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'We're at war': 'Committee to Investigate Russia' weaponizes Morgan Freeman in anti-Moscow hysteria

Hollywood actors often speak their minds about domestic politics, but now some in Tinseltown are also joining the anti-Russian chorus, accusing Moscow of using "hacking, Twitter armies,
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Party rocks! Evidence of New Stone Age festivals, held 5,000 years ago

Stone circles in the Scottish Isles have been identified as former ‘festival’ sites – descended on by partygoers 5,000 years ago. Read Full Article at
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Greenwald: Terrorism used as ‘pretext’ for mass data collection

Terrorism is being used as a “pretext” by governments and intelligence services to indiscriminately collect people’s personal data without making citizens any safer, according to
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Trump apologized for indictment of Turkish staff in brawl – Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Donald Trump apologized after charges were filed against Turkish security personnel for attacking peaceful protesters in Washington DC. Howev
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How India, China fare would fundamentally shape the world: Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that notwithstanding the path chosen by them, the performance of India and China, would determine how the world would fundamentally be reshaped
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Gujarat govt#39;s solar auction sees lowest winning tariff of Rs 2.65/unit

The remaining projects were won by NYSE-listed Azure Power, one of the largest solar developers in the country, which also bid Rs 2.67 per kwH.
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Commentary: James Cameron brings Linda Hamilton back to the 'Terminator' franchise but snubs 'Wonder Woman' again

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American crackpots used to be a charming part of our civic life, until they started steering the ship

Kurt Andersen on his new book "Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire," and how the practical, level-headed, sensible America has lost its way.
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More than 200 killed as powerful 7.1 earthquake strikes central Mexico

A powerful 7.1 earthquake rocked central Mexico on Tuesday, collapsing homes and bridges across hundreds of miles, killing at least 217 people and sending thousands more fleeing into the streets s
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How to upgrade to a first class train seat from just £5

Train passengers wanting to escape cattle class can now upgrade their tickets on the same day they travel for a tiny fraction of the usual cost with a new app.
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Boost for the pound and Theresa May ahead of Brexit speech

The ONS revealed that retail sales in August 2017 increased by 1 per cent compared with July - compared to an expected 0.2 per cent - and were up by 2.4 per cent versus August 2016.
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PENSIONS WEB CHAT: Ask ex pensions minister Steve Webb now

Former pensions minister Steve Webb is here now to answer readers’ pension questions in a live web chat – or as we called it here at This is Money, a Webbchat.
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Hourly Labour Cost in Bulgaria Rose by 11.0% Compared to the 2nd Quarter of 2016

Preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) for the second quarter of 2017 indicate that the total. The total hourly labour cost grew by 10.6% in industry, by 11.5% in services and by
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