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New water-based, recyclable membrane filters all types of nanoparticles

Membranes comprised mostly of water, that self-assemble in water have now been developed by scientists. They can filter out particles based on size, and can be easily disassembled, report researchers.
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Mars has excellent conditions to generate oxygen from CO2, says study

Mars has excellent conditions for In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) by plasma.
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Eneco staffers urge owners to be wary of selling their shares

The 3,500 people on the payroll of energy company Eneco have published an open letter to their shareholders warning about...
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Scientists figure out how many mutations it takes for healthy cells to turn cancerous

Just a handful of mutations – between one and ten – are required for the cancerous cells to emerge. Approximate number of driver mutations needed to cause cancer by area of the body. Image
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China’s teens are rejecting Communist Party propaganda

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US nuclear bombers poised to return to 24-hour alert

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Amazon mistakenly sends 65 pounds of marijuana to Florida couple

A Florida Amazon customer and her fiancé received a large surprise after opening a package order that contained 65 pounds of marijuana. The Orlando couple says they had ordered plastic storage bins b
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Govt likely to achieve 3.2% fiscal deficit target: Report

"There are doomsday predictions currently that government is going to have a big revenue slippage in 2017-18 which may impact the headline fiscal deficit numbers. However, such projections flunk the
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51 bids received for oil gas exploration under OAL

India in July opened 2.8 million sq km of sedimentary basins for oil and gas exploration in a bid to raise domestic production and cut excessive dependence on imports.
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Exporters can claim refund this week for GST paid in August, September

GST Network (GSTN), the company handling IT infrastructure for the indirect tax regime, has from October 10 started issuing refunds to exporters for Integrated GST (IGST) they paid for the month of
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Difficulty in hiring right talent is the highest in over a decade: Survey

Finding the right talent with the matching skillsets is the most critical challenge according to about 42 percent of the employers surveyed by global talent solutions firm KellyOCG.
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Bulgaria's Debt For 2016 is 29% of GDP

According to the final data of the National Statistical Institute the General Government Institutional Sector reported in 2016 a deficit of 36 million BGN or 0.04% of GDP. The deficit in Central Gover
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India#39;s pension system showing steady improvement: Report

According to the index, India#39;s overall index value has increased from 43.4 in 2016 to 44.9 in 2017 and its pension system is found to be more sustainable than that of Poland, Germany, France, Ja
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Govt to take action after ICAR probe on spurious cotton seeds

Expressing concern over sale of such seeds, he said the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has been asked to prepare a report and study the extent of penetration of spurious cotton seeds
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Why â??protectionâ?? from markets leads to rip-offs: An example from tribal India

When politicians come forward to reserve entitlements for the common folk, they are the ones who are usually benefitting from their own offers.
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Rajdhani#39;s waitlisted ticket holders may soon get an option to take a flight by paying a little extra

The proposal was made in wake of the supply crunch for Rajdhani Class-I and Class-II tickets
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