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WATCH: Jon Stewart scorches #F*ckFaceVonClownstick Trump at New York veterans benefit

At a charity event called “Stand Up for Heroes” on Tuesday night, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart ripped into Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and slammed the former reality TV star’s whining about the election being rigged against him. “Dude, you live in a tower wit...
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Pulis will hold his head high if sacked

Proud Tony Pulis plans to hold his head high if he is sacked as Albion manager.
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Bruce bemoans Villa's injury "nightmare"

Steve Bruce has admitted the onus will be Villa’s kids to step up after describing the club’s mounting injury crisis as his “worst nightmare”.
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Progression from infection to pulmonary tuberculosis follows distinct timeline

Researchers have uncovered a sequence of biological processes that occur in humans infected with the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis as the infection progresses to pulmonary tuberculosis.
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Chance discovery of forgotten 1960s 'preprint' experiment

Researchers in physics and mathematics have long used 'preprints' -- preliminary versions of their scientific findings published on internet servers for anyone to read. In 2013, similar services were
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Gene drive technologies for ecosystem conservation: Use with care!

Scientists working in the vanguard of new genetic technologies have issued a cautionary call to ensure that possible applications in conservation will only affect local populations. Experts have now e
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NAFTA Negotiations: What's In It for the U.S.-Mexico Energy Trade?

U.S. energy exports to Mexico are booming. The termination of NAFTA could put this trend at jeopardy and harm U.S.-based firms. Meanwhile an updated and expanded NAFTA could make North America more
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The FDA closes a huge loophole used by bogus stem-cell clinics, but delays serious enforcement for 3 years

There was good news and bad news in the regulatory initiative the Food and Drug Administration rolled out on Thursday, aimed partially at clinics marketing unproven stem-cell therapies directly to
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Motorcycles bulking up again at Progressive IMS in Long Beach

Motorcycle sales are flat or falling in almost every segment in almost every North American market. So motorcycle companies, flailing to remain profitable and retain market share, have been trendi
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Secret motorcycle industry panel looks for ways to reverse sagging sales

Hours before the 2017 Progressive International Motorcycle Show opened its doors at the Long Beach Convention Center, a secret cabal of industry veterans was meeting privately to discuss troubled
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'Bodied,' 'The Insult' and 'What Will People Say' pick up audience prizes at AFI Fest

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Today in Entertainment: C.B. Cebulski named new Marvel editor-in-chief; U2 and Kendrick Lamar collaborate on new song 'American Soul'

Rose McGowan surrendered Tuesday to law enforcement in Virginia in response to a warrant for her arrest on a drug-possession charge stemming from a January incident at Dulles International Airpor
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For moderate Republicans in upscale Alabama suburbs, Roy Moore presents a conundrum

Roy Moore, the 70-year-old former chief judge in Alabama, was not Ellen Tipton’s ideal candidate for the U.S. Senate. Yet the longtime Republican and Trump supporter had reconciled herself to vo
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Retailer stocks rise again, but tech leads other stocks lower

Retailers and smaller U.S. companies jumped again Friday as they continued to report strong third-quarter results, but technology companies and other big U.S. corporations couldn't add to Thursday
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Calendar Letters: A ‘Murder’ most fine

Regarding “‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Fine Actor, So-So as Director” [Nov. 10]: I liked the movie more than the reviewer did. I especially loved the philosophical ending and the destab
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$6,000 gym shoes designed by Pharrell Williams stolen in Irvine

Police Friday asked for the public's help in tracking down two suspects who robbed an Irvine resident of a pair of gym shoes designed by singer Pharrell Williams that are worth at least $6,000. Th
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