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New Technologies Assisting Small Businesses Include ERP Add-Ons

October 12, 2017

Gone are the days when ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) systems were reserved for large companies and organizations. Small businesses can no longer function efficiently with just accounting software organizing all operations. Simple ERP solutions exist for such businesses offering a high return on investment coupled with a low total ownership cost and still offering all the much-needed tools of organization. Check them out at S4FN.

With an average lifespan of ten years, ERP systems rely heavily on ERP add-ons for life extension. This extension is often required in the event that an ERP system can no longer keep up with the organization's functions such as when a local distributing company starts distributing across other states, or in the event that the ERP system becomes technologically obsolete and outdated. Knowledge on how to efficiently make use of ERP add-ons can be acquired via the Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA), which focuses on aiding members to effectively capitalize on technology advances while mitigating financial industry challenges.

ERP add-ons for ERP systems include modules like customer management, manufacturing applications, sales and distribution applications all, which are connected to the accounting based systems. The ERP add-ons are paramount in saving up cost for these small businesses by offering an alternative to purchasing a new ERP system should the current one become obsolete.

A major challenge however associated with these is that of data integration. Data from all the software applications servicing independent business units of the business has to be connected to the financial and other paramount modules of the ERP system. If this fails, then an extra cost will be used to manage multiple databases in addition to the need of extra personnel services to oversee the integration among all these business systems will be incurred. Citing the example of the SAP S.I.I Add-on Solution where upon its implementation, taxpayers no longer will be required to file forms 347, 340 and 390 in addition to being able to contrast information in the record books with that supplied by clients and providers. Navigate here.

ERP add-ons generally aid in easing the workload involved in running business systems by automating these systems. They therefore ought to be incorporated in all SMEs for the full attainment of returns and smooth running of the businesses. An environment of super efficiency is also guaranteed with the use of these add-ons.

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